CAR2FMS is a device designed for conversion of data from various cars into FMS or concentrated CANLAB format. As input data, you can use 2x input CAN, J1708, digital tachograph info-interface, and two analog inputs. Besides FMS gate function, CAR2FMS serves for DM1 car errors reading, calculation of histograms, and ride statistics for assessment of driving style of a driver.

CAN bus, J1708, tachograph vehicle gateway


CAR2FMS can be used for example in following situations:

  • Older trucks Volvo and Renault, fuel information is not available at CAN, but at J1708 bus.
  • Cars, where it is necessary to read data from two CAN buses, but car GPS unit contains just one CAN bus.
  • In cars, where user doesn’t know CAN protocol in car and CAR2FMS can convert it into FMS or CANLAB concentrated format.
  • In situations, when car CAN unit allows to transmit only limited amount of CAN messages (identificators) or when it doesn’t allow to transmit multipacket messages according to SAE J1939.
  • In the car, there is no value of fuel level at CAN available, fuel probe is analogue and it leads directly to dashboard.
  • Car has additional tank that can be equipped with analog/CAN or RS485 float. CAR2SMS allows sending of data as primary and secondary tank or as one tank with placed volume ratio of both tanks.
  • On the tank of the car, there is more accurate CAN fuel probe – its data shall substitute CAN data leading to GPS unit.
  • Car contains digital tachograph that is not connected to CAN or doesn’t send data about driver´s ID or his set activity to CAN.
  • On the CAN, there is not information about total fuel consumption and consumption per ride, there is only information about fuel flow rate. CAR2FMS allows to count total consumption of fuel per ride.
  • When it is necessary to calculate statistics and histograms of a ride.

GPS car units of third parties are used, where it is not possible to add another functionality. We can try to provide required custom-made function using CAR2FMS transducer.


FW update tool
Configuration tool (PP2CAN plugin)