IO board (IO - Input/Output) is designed for simple automation or controlling and monitoring of households. The board can be connected both by the USB and/or the ETHERNET. C++ source codes which control the board are available as open source both for Windows and Linux.

Basic parameters

Digital inputs:

24x digital input, log ‚1‘ from 4.5 to 28V, galvanically isolated, state indication using LED

Digital outputs:

2x relay with NO and NC contacts, 250V 2,5A AC / 30V 2,5A DC, LED

6x relay with NO contact, 250V 2,5A AC / 30V 2,5A DC, LED,  SSR relay fitting available

8x transistor output, ground switch, 30V 1,5A

Analog inputs:

10x 0-10V, 12 bits

PWM output:

2x transistor output, ground switch, 30V 1,5A


5V from USB type B connector

Communication lines

USB in HID mode (human interface device), no additional drivers required.

Ethernet 100Mb/s through TCP (Wiznet W5500), supports multiple clients connected.

In TCP mode AES-128 crypting can be activated.

Both communication lines are available simultaneously.

For custom implementation C++ source codes are available as open source (Windows and Linux).

Web server for monitoring IO states is already implemented.

Source code for Linux was tested as well on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) compiled with gcc 4.9.

We offer custom development of IO board with user defined Input/Output configurations.

Source codes and test app for Windows and Linux (eg. RPI)

Tip: I/O board (Input/Output board) for CAN bus.