CANLAB device selection guide

For faster orientation in our product portfolio, we have prepared this guide, which will make it easier for you to quickly find a suitable product from our portfolio according to the feature set you are looking for.

First pick a field of interest:

I need to connect the CAN bus to a PC

I want to monitor CAN on the go without a PC

If you need to monitor data on the CAN bus in the field even without a PC, for example to check the functioning of a device or when installing a CAN device in a vehicle, we offer several options:

I need to read the vehicle data

I need to control and read digital or analog inputs and outputs


The IO board allows to control the outputs and read the inputs via the CAN bus. The device is designed so that it can be used in systems with various CAN protocols. Message identifiers and data sending conditions are flexibly configurable. More information available here.

Configurable IO board for the CAN bus


This IO board allows connection via USB or ETHERNET. Both functions are even available at the same time. When controlled remotely over the Internet, AES 128 encryption is available in combination with the insertion of random data into communication packets. It is possible to order custom devices with a different combination of inputs and outputs. More information available here.

IO board with Ethernet and USB connection

USB2CAN with Android app

The Android application allows you to read data from a USB2CAN converter connected to a mobile phone or tablet. Data can be stored, displayed in real time as a graph or decoded using .eye files. Eye files can also be created from DBC files on a PC in the PP2CAN application. More information available here.

CAN bus - Android application

CAR2BT unit with Android app

Since the CAR2BT unit is based on our FMS OEM CHIP, it is possible to use the same commands via the Android application and the CAR2BT unit connected via Bluetooth. The unit is also able to function as a vehicle logbook. More information available here and here.

Vehicle CAN bus data bluetooth reader


The converter is supplied in high speed CAN, low speed CAN or single wire CAN variants. The converter has a free SW for PC called PP2CAN with support for user plugins and own scripting language, as well as applications for Android. An X2CAN API is also available for custom application development. More information available here.


USB2CAN Triple

In case you need to read multiple CAN buses simultaneously or you need to read CAN FD, it is possible to use USB2CAN Triple.


The converter is supplied as a high speed CAN variant. The converter has a free SW for PC called PP2CAN with support for user plugins and own scripting language. An X2CAN API is also available for custom application development. The converter supports the connection of multiple clients, so it is possible to monitor CAN from multiple locations. For your own implementation, for example in a PLC, a description of the communication protocol over TCP is available. More information available under ETH2CAN CAN here.

ETH2CAN - CAN bus to Ethernet converter


The Waylogger 3 device allows you to connect and monitor the CAN bus (2x), as well as other data lines. Includes integrated GPS. Data is stored in the internal memory and can be downloaded via an authorized USB drive, automatically via WiFi or GPRS. The device also includes the possibility of email notifications for set situations (exceeding operating conditions, diagnostic errors). It also offers a feature to automatically download digital tachographs and driver cards and back up the data over WiFi, free of charge. The device is primarily intended for use in vehicles, but can be also used to record general CAN bus traffic. More information available here.


CAN sniffer

The device is designed for contactless reading of the CAN bus. Because this CAN bus reader is not galvanically connected to the CAN wires in the vehicle, communication on the CAN bus cannot be disrupted and the vehicle warranty conditions are not violated. CAN sniffer can be supplied with a power supply range for 12V and 24V vehicles, but also in a simplified cheaper variant with 5V power supply. More information available here.

It is also possible to use an intelligent variant with serial line (UART) output - FMS iSNIFFER.

CANLAB CAN sniffer

CAN bus contact-less reader used in practice


This device converts vehicle data from input CAN to output CAN in FMS format. At the same time, it allows to add information from the digital tachograph and J1708 (Volvo, Renault vehicles) to the CAN output. The device can also be supplied in a variant with two input CANs, an analog input. There is also a firmware variant for concentrating data from the CAN bus. For example, the tank status information occupies only 1 byte in the CAN message, the other data bytes are not used in the FMS standard, the firmware concentrates the data so that a smaller number of CAN messages must be read. On request, we are able to add support for vehicles that are not yet supported. More information available here.

CAR2FMS - FMS gateway

CAR2FMS V2 / V3 - analogue fuel level sensor

The CAR2FMS converter allows to add an analog input (current, voltage) with a specified range and to replace or supplement the tank status information on the output CAN. 

It is possible to customize the firmware free of charge for floats connected via a second CAN or RS232 / RS485.

The converter also allows to set a specific calibration curve for the float.

More information available here.


The device allows you to connect CAN, J1708 and digital tachograph and transmit the data to an output serial line (levels 232 or TTL). At the same time, the device offers the possibility to read user-defined data from CAN and also send data to CAN, calculate driving statistics etc. The device is based on FMS OEM CHIP from our production. More information available here.

CAN bus to serial line converter

CAR2COM V7 version also supports remote tachograph download.


For example, for public transport vehicle information systems, the ETH2CAN device is suitable for reading TCP decoded data from the CAN bus, J1708 and digital tachograph. Details can be found under the name ETH2CAN FMS here. We also offer devices with only the CAN bus, but with the "black box" function, where vehicle data is stored in the internal memory for evaluation in the event of an accident. More information available here.

ETH2CAN FMS: Ethernet - CAN bus FMS gateway


If you prefer the integration of CAN bus reading directly into your device, we offer the supply of FMS OEM CHIP, where the supplied MCU is pre-programmed for decoding vehicle data from CAN, J1708, tachograph, calculation of driving statistics, vehicle diagnostics etc. More information available here.

V7 chip also supports remote tachograph download.

CAN bus gateway

During development, I need to solve one of the following situations:

  • Connect 2 CAN buses and configure messages that will or will not be forwarded between them.
  • Connect 2 CAN buses with different communication speeds.
  • Separate CAN branch which uses the CAN FD packets from a part that doesn't support them.
  • Combine the previous three cases.

In this case you can use the USB2CAN Triple with the Gateway tool.

Custom development

We offer custom electronics and software development. We have the tools to develop applications for Windows, Android and Linux. Development of electronics with Microchip MCUs, we also have experience with gate arrays, development of cards for PCI and PCI Express buses. We use PADS software for PCB design.

In many cases, for special CAN converters we only need to adapt the firmware of our existing devices. However, development is not limited only to the CAN bus. We can also use our own 3D printer for prototypes.

We will provide production and testing of the devices.