FMS firmware for ETH2CAN interface is designed to provide vehicle operation data from trucks and personal vehicles. For connecting with the vehicle the unit is equipped with following interfaces:

  • CAN bus (high speed)
  • DTCO1381 digital tachograph interface
  • J1708 interface (older vehicles)

For connecting to a higher system an ETHERNET interface is available with 10Mbit speed.

The unit doesn’t provide all data listed in data packets, only available data.
The availability depends on type, manufacturer, vehicle’s modification and year of making.



CAN firmware for ETH2CAN interface is designed for connecting to the CAN bus through ethernet network. The speed of ethernet interface is 10Mbit.

Working with this device is possible through PP2CAN software, X2CAN API or custom implementation of communication using a socket. The adapter supports simultaneous connection of up to 4 clients. So it is possible, for example, to read data from CAN on 4 PCs in parallel and from arbitrary of those PCs send back to CAN.


ETH2CAN - ethernet to CAN bus interface

ETH2CAN - ethernet to CAN bus gateway