USB - BroadR Reach interface

The device functions as a converter from USB to automotive ethernet BroadR-Reach.

BroadR-Reach is ethernet physical layer developed by Broadcom company with support from OPEN Alliance (One Pair Ethernet). It supports full-duplex communication using only one twisted pair with 100Mb/s bandwidth.

BroadR-Reach was developed for usage in automotive industry, aiming to replace current standards and topology to reduce the amount and price of cabling.

Our converter is composed of a LAN9500A circuit and TJA1100.

Adjustable master/slave mode.

Powered by the USB or external power source.

Converter is compatible with OS Win7/Win10/Linux.

USB to automotiv ethernet (BroadR-Reach) interface



1 5V external power
3 ETH -
4 ETH +