New generation of the CAN SNIFFER is here. It is iSNIFFER. iSNIFFER include SNIFFER (cotactless reader of the CAN bus) and FMS OEM CHIP (decoder CAN messages). Output is optional RS232, UART 5V or UART 3V3. There is an input for reading output form tachograph  VDO, Stoneridge – it is output „D8 pin“. This input is possible to use for another serial bus as a IBIS, RFID reader etc.
The communication protocol is same as the communication protocol of the FMS OEM CHIP V7.


Contactless CAN bus reader and decoder


•    supply voltage 8-32 V
•    CAN bus – contactless
•    UART input via optocupler (tachograph D8, IBIS, RFID reader etc.)
•    settings and reading actual vehicle data by RS232 (or 5V UART or 3V3 UART), will be specified in the order
•    updatable  FW
•    LED indication
•    enclouser is the same as the standard CAN SNIFFER
•    up to 10pcs 52 EUR
•    up to 50pcs 46 EUR
•    more 50pcs 40 EUR