This device is designed, for example, to log data from CAN bus and optionally from RS232 port to memory card MMC or SD.

Practical showcase of usage is a system for monitoring of trucks with CAN bus and SAE1939 protocol. A GPS is connected to the CAN2MMC unit and both the data from CAN and GPS are logged to the memory card. Using the PC software the data can then be retrospectively inspected to provide information as the vehicle movement, driving regulations compliance, fuel usage, amount of fuel actually refueled, axles load, etc. As a matter of course drive log book can be generated.

However this usage variant is not the only one. The device can also be used as a CAN message generator. For example, messages can be generated with given period, at given time or in reaction to state of digital or analog input. List of these messages and conditions, under which they are generated, are stored on the memory card which allows the user to edit these parameters easily. Another example is a firmware which processes the vehicle data and provides the decoded version through RS232 interface to a higher system.

At customer’s request a custom firmware can be created to use the available peripherals according to his requirements.


This device is no longer manufactured, it is replaced by WAYLOGGER 4 datalogger.