ETH2CAN interface model 3 (blackbox) is designed for connecting to the CAN bus through ethernet network. The speed of ethernet interface is 10Mbit. The unit is processing data from CAN bus and provides them using ethernet interface and TCP/IP protocol to the vehicle’s infotainment system. It also stores the data to its internal memory which can be later read to retrieve the driving information. The data are stored in two separated memories.

The first memory named FRAM stores some driving data after receiving a path movement impulse. This memory contains the high resolution data for the last 500m of driving. The second memory contains data refreshed with a certain period. The period is adjustable in the range from hundreds of milliseconds to tens of seconds.


 ETH2CAN unit version 3 contains:

  • CAN bus interface
  • infotainment system ethernet interface
  • activation by signal 15
  • path movement impulse
  • option to mount and use in firmware 1 digital input
  • option to mount and use in firmware 1 digital input with galvanic isolation
  • real time clock chip and battery