Following the version 2.012 the diagnostic SW PP2CAN contains reworked core of log. It holds good particularly for log of received messages (Receive log) that it may contain tens even hundreds thousands of messages. To facilitate orientation in data registered to this log there, after version 2.013, the function Find has been implemented. That one is intended to seek messages according to entered data. Check box under each one of the items states whether that item-value has been used in the seeking criterion. It is possible to seek on basis of arbitrary valid items combination which creates CAN message. It is possible to carry out seeking in log received or sent off messages.. The log window is set for found item, which is also highlighted.

    If seeking has been set according to the shown picture, the messages with extended identifier 10-10 or standard identifier 10 are successively sought after, in the process it does not matter whether message RTR or data