Set / Get number



The dialog Set number is intended to set data of entered data type into manually sent off message or setting values into Reply maker. The data are set from selected data byte. In default there is used variant Little Endian, that is also used on the platform Intel. Data may be entered even contrariwise (Big Endian) after marking of this option. Difference between Little and Big Endian can be seen at the following example for UINT32. The Byte0 is the lowest byte and the Byte3 is the highest one.

Get number is intended to decode numerical values of received logs, sent off messages and predefined messages database. After opening of this window and clicking on the relevant log (list) line the data according to selected types and positions are decoded.



  Little Endian Big Endian
Memory (RAM) Base Address+0   Byte0
Base Address+1   Byte1
Base Address+2   Byte2
Base Address+3   Byte3
Base Address+0   Byte3
Base Address+1   Byte2
Base Address+2   Byte1
Base Address+3   Byte0
CAN message DBx+0   Byte0
DBx+1   Byte1
DBx+2   Byte2
DBx+3   Byte3
DBx+0   Byte3
DBx+1   Byte2
DBx+2   Byte1
DBx+3   Byte0