Bit sender / receiver


Use the Bit sender dialog to generate the messages which require to control the bit statuses in bytes of the message data part. This is useful when controlling the status of digital inputs or in case of keyword sending. Use the b7-b0 buttons to set the bits in data byte selected by a value in the Position box. You can send the message by pressing the Send button or by pressing any of the b0-b7 buttons when the bit status change occured, provided that the Enable box is checked.



The Bit receiver dialog allows to receive the data which require to control the bit statuses of the message data part. The data byte bit status is indicated by visual indicating objects; its position is selected in the Position box. The green spot indicates TRUE status of the data bit, red spot represents FALSE status. The b0 bit is displayed on the right. This dialog is useful when analyzing the behavior of CAN peripheral digital inputs and status words from these devices. You can display the graphical representation of the data as well as with the Data receiver.




The function of the Bit sender graph is the same as in case of Data receiver graph. However, it indicates the status of eight bits of the selected byte. Use the bottom scrollbar to move through the graph history; the bit statuses are visually indicated on the right in the place of the cursor. You can print the graph or save the values to a text file.