Bus load

PP2CAN: Grafické znázornění zatížení CAN sběrnice a dalších parametrů

     The graph Bus-load displays the following quantities:

- number of received messages during time interval (RX – RCV)
- number of sent off messages during time interval (TX – SND)
- number of messages as for the symptoms RCV OVERFLOW – loss of the message which has not been read pursuant to its rewriting in RX buffer during time interval. That could occur during high loading of the bus.
- RST total number of CAN processor resets during its conversion to BUSoff under the influence of incorrect synchronization or incorrect impedance termination of the bus.
- REC – current value of Receive Error Counter, its reading has to be permitted in Options offer.
- TEC – current value of Transmit Error Counter, its reading has to be permitted in Options offer.
-  RXB (RX BUFFER) – extent of software buffer messages, which wait for sending off.
- TXB (TX BUFFER) - software buffer extent of  received messages, which wait for processing

         Time axis zoom can be set to extent 1.2 and 4x. The other axis zoom for individual quantities is changed pursuant to maximum reached value, which has been reached within displayed interval. Its value is indicated next to symbol Max. Along with it the value has been highlighted with double dash-and-dot line of relevant colour. The interval, which number of messages (symptoms) has been measured in, is possible to set on values 50, 100, 200, 500 ms a 1.5 s. The measuring may be suspended by means of the key Pause.