CANLAB s.r.o.

The company CANLAB s.r.o. has been active for 14 years in the production and development of equipment for CAN bus, both in the automotive industry and specialized solutions in other industrial areas, where the solution using standardized components does not suit, for example, its price.

However, the development process does not limit to the CAN bus. In the past, we have already carried out custom development of cards for PCI-e, peripherals for Ethercat, FPD-Link, Automotive Ethernet and so on. The product portfolio includes interfaces for connecting the CAN bus to a PC via USB or ETHERNET, data loggers for the CAN bus, accessories for electronic logbooks with CAN bus connection, reading digital tachographs, devices and oem chips for reading data from the CAN bus of vehicles to higher-level systems, I/O boards for CAN or, ETHERCAT, ETHERNET and USB and more.

In addition to in-house software and hardware development, we provide customers with assistance in certification and subsequent product manufacturing and testing. The benefit for the customer is the low development cost. The development is based on our own software components and the development time is not fully included in the price. The costs are thus shared by the customers.

The optimal option for the customer is considered in each offer. Our preferred option is also to become the end supplier of the equipment, where we can offer development for a minimal, in some cases even symbolic price. In the current semiconductor crisis, the customer also appreciates our standardized component base, which allows us to keep key components in stock and declare reasonable delivery dates and price even for irregular orders.

In regard to the CAN bus we also provide consultations and measuring in this field.

"USB2CAN Triple" "Skoda development board"