Obvody s rozhraním CAN

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MTC-3054. CAN transceiver. Developed in co-operation with WABCO Westinghouse Fahrzeugbremse GmbH.

Allegro Microsystems

A8420, A8421, A8422 and A8423LIN bus transceivers. For details see http://www.allegromicro.com/en/


EPF10K20. PLD configurable as CAN controller. No buffers. 5 volts.

AMI Semiconductor

AMIS-X660. High speed CAN transceiver for 12V and 24V systems. High level EMS immunity and low electromagnetic emission (EME). 45V load dump protection and protected against short to supply or ground.

The AMI web pages are at http://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/home.do (Pohlceno ON Semiconductor)


IM-ADI module containing two Bosch CAN bus controllers. For development of System-On-Chip (SOC) designs for automotive applications.

The ARM web pages are at http://www.arm.com/

Atmel Wireless & Micro

T89C51CC01. 8 bit micro (8051 compatible) with built in CAN 2.0B, Flash and EEPROM.

T83C51CC01. ROM version of CC01.

T89C51CC02 and T83C51CC02. Low-cost, low pin-count versions of CC01.

B10011S. CAN transceiver.




L9615. CAN transceiver. Designed by Bosch and jointly marketed by Bosch and SGS-Thomson.

CC750. Full CAN 2.0B controller

CC760. CAN gateway

CC770. Bosch equivalent of Intel 82527 CAN controller

CF151. CAN transceiver

Data sheets, specs., and much more information is available on the Bosch CAN web site at https://www.bosch-semiconductors.com/ip-modules/can-ip-modules/

Four devices available with CAN interfaces, the C8051F040 C8051F041, C8051F042, and C8051F043. See https://www.silabs.com/mcu/8-bit-microcontrollers/c8051f04x/device.C8051F040?tab=specs .



Dallas Semiconductor / Maxim

DS80C390/400. 8051 compatible micros with dual CAN 2.0B controllers.

MAX3053. CAN / RS-485 transceiver. Withstands wiring faults up to +/- 80 volts.



Frenzel & Bergman

CO4011. A single chip controller which implements the CANopen application layer (CiA DS-301, version 4.01) and the CANopen device profile for I/O modules (CiA DSP-401, version 4.01)

The Frenzel & Bergman web site is at http://www.frenzel-berg.de/


Not sure what is and what isn't available - so ask them - but ...

MB90F594A. Dual CAN controller version with 256K Flash, 8K RAM, 6K ROM and 4 stepper motor controllers. MaskROM version also in production.

MB90F591 with 384K Flash, and 8K RAM samples in June.

MB90F598. Single CAN version with 128K Flash, 4K RAM and 4 stepper motor controllers. MaskROM version in development.

MB90F543, dual CAN, 128K Flash, 6K RAM, ext. bus interface, 32KHz sub-clock

MB90F547 series. Low end CAN devices. 64K Flash.

Other device numbers gleaned from the press and from other sources are:

Single CAN: MB90F497PFM, MB90F549PF, MB90F598PF, MB90F443, MB90F387

Dual CAN: MB905F43PF, MB90F594APF, MB90591PF, MB90F394

MB90F497GPFM: Single CAN, 64KByte Flash, 2K Ram.

MB90F428PF: 16 Bit, Single CAN, 4x24 LCD-Driver, 128KByte Flash, 6K Ram.

MB90F546PF: 16 Bit, Single CAN, 256KByte Flash, 8K Ram.

MB90F598PF: 16 Bit, Single CAN, 128KByte Flash, 4K Ram.

From Q2:2002: 16 Bit, MB90F387GPFM: Single CAN, 64KByte Flash, 2K Ram.

MB90F543PF: 16 Bit, Dual CAN, 128KByte Flash, 6K Ram.

MB90F591PF: 16 Bit, Dual CAN, 384KByte Flash, 8K Ram.

MB90F594PF: 16 Bit, Dual CAN, 256KByte Flash, 6K Ram.

MB91F368GBPMT: 32 Bit, Dual CAN, 512 KByte Flash, 32K Ram.

MB91F369GPQS1: 32 Bit, Dual CAN, 512 KByte Flash, 32K Ram.

From Q2/2002: MB90F443GPF: 16 Bit, Triple CAN, 128 KByte Flash, 6K Ram.

MB91F362GAPFVS: 32 bit, triple CAN, 512 KByte Flash, 16K Ram.

MB91F365 and 366. 32 bit micros with dual CAN.

The Fujitsu web site with CAN related data is at https://www.fujitsu.com/global/

ANOTHER POINT WORTH NOTING (UNLESS THE POLICY HAS CHANGED) IS THAT --- Supporting software tools from Fujitsu (compilers, etc.) are FREEWARE.


SH7055F. 32 bit RISC device with dual CAN 2.0B controllers and 512K flash memory in a 256 pin package. See https://module.hitachi.com for more information.


Twin-CAN device.


IAM/SICAN supply a range of Gate Arrays with built-in CAN controllers.


SAE81C90. A stand-alone Full CAN controller (V 2.0A and 2.0B passive) with one serial and one parallel host interfaces and two 8 bit I/O ports. Packaged in a 44 pin PLCC.

SAE81C91. Specification as for the C90, but without the two 8 bit ports, and in a 28 pin PLCC.

SAB-C167CR. 16 bit microcontroller with an embedded Full CAN controller. Supports both Standard CAN (V 2.0A) and Extended CAN (V 2.0B). Three versions - 32K RAM, 128K RAM or 128K Flash EPROM. Each with 4K RAM and available in 20 MHz or 25 MHz versions.

C505C. Low-price, 8 bit micro with CAN 2.0B controller. 16K ROM, 512 Bytes RAM. MQFP44 packaging.

SAB-C515C-8R. Multipurpose 8 bit Microcontroller with on-chip Full CAN module supporting CAN 2.0A and 2.0B. 64K ROM, or OTP, or none. 256 byte RAM, 2K XRAM.

C164CI. A newer version of the C167CR.

TLE6252. 14 pin fault tolerant CAN transceiver for data rates to 125K bps.

TLE6255. 14 pin CAN transceiver for single wire applications at low rates - typically 25K bps.

TLE6263. 28 pin fault tolerant CAN transceiver for data rates to 125K bps.

SAK 82C900. Stand-alone dual CAN 2.0B controller device. For more information go to https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/search.html#!term=82C900&view=all

TC1765. 32 bit Tri-Core RISC CPU with twin CAN modules - and lots more.

Click here for the Infineon home page.


Inicore are a Swiss ASIC foundry who supply a CAN 2.0B controller core (and a synthesizable VHDL model.) The Inicore web site is http://www.inicore.com/

Insight Memec

LT1796. Rugged CAN transceiver. Claimed to be able to withstand 15kV ESD strikes and faults up to 60V.



AN82526. The first CAN controller. Obsoleted by the 82527.

AN82527. A stand alone Full CAN controller supporting both Standard (V2.0A) and Extended (V2.0B) formats. Configurable for 8 or 16 bit parallel or serial interfacing to a host CPU. Packaged in a 44 pin PLCC.

8X196CA and 8X196CB. Microcontrollers with embedded 82527 CAN controller.


DSTni. An 80186 based device with CAN 2.0B.

See https://www.lantronix.com/ for details.

Linear Technology

LT1769. Rugged CAN transceiver. Claimed to be able to withstand 15kV ESD strikes and faults up to +/- 60V without any additional circuitry.

See http://www.linear.com/ for details.


ICs for the automotive industry.

TH8053. Fault tolerant low speed CAN transceiver

TH8055. Single wire CAN transceiver

TH8060, TH8061 and TH8080 LIN (the CAN sub-bus) transceivers

For more information visit the Melexis web site at https://www.melexis.com/

Microchip (Arizona Microchip)

PIC16C185. OTP 8 bit micro with Full CAN 2.0B active controller.

PIC18C241, PIC18C451 and PIC18C651 - Range of 8 bit micros with Full CAN 2.0B.

MCP2510/2510. Low cost, low pin count, stand-alone CAN 2.0B controller.

MCP2505. Low cost CAN interface device.

PIC18C658, PIC18C858. 8 bit micros with on-chip CAN 2.0B controllers.

PIC18F248, 258, 448 and 458 flash microcontroller family with CAN 2.0B interface.

Other part numbers spotted in the press

PIC18C258, 458 and 958, and PIC18F653, 668 and 868


LIN (the CAN sub-bus) parts - PIC16C432/433 - MCUs with built-in transceiver capability

PIC30Fxxxx family

MCP25020, 25050 Low cost CAN 2.0B active mixed-signal CAN I/O Expander interface devices for differential CAN bus applications. CAN SLIO type devices.

MCP25025, 25055 Low cost digital CAN 2.0B active I/O Expander interface device for single-wire CAN bus applications. CAN SLIO type devices

MCP2551. CAN transceiver for 12 or 24 volt applications up to 1Mbit/s

The Microchip home page is https://www.microchip.com/

Micronas Intermettal

A couple of CAN devices for automotive applications. Not a lot of data available on the web but the Micronas site is at https://www.micronas.tdk.com/


M37630. 8 bit micro with CAN 2.0B controller, 16K ROM, 512bytes RAM, 44 pin package. Datasheets are available from Mitsubishi.

M37632. 8 bit micro with CAN 2.0B controller, 60K ROM, 2 kbytes RAM, 80pin package. Preliminary information available from Mitsubishi.

M306N0MC. 16 bit micro based on Mitsubishi M16C with dual full CAN 2.0B controllers, 128K ROM or Flash, 5 kbytes RAM, 100 pin package. Preliminary information available from Mitsubishi.

M16C/SFCAN, M16C/DFCAN. 16 bit micros with single/dual full CAN 2.0B controllers.

From Q2/2002: M306NBFGTFP: Single CAN, 128 KByte Flash, 5K Ram. M306N0FGTFP: Dual CAN, 128 KByte Flash, 10K Ram.

The Mitsubishi home page is https://www.mitsubishi.com/en/.


68HC05. 8 bit microcontroller with integrated Basic CAN controllers for CAN 2.0A. 4K and 16K RAM versions available.

68HC08AZ and 6811C08AB 8 bit microcontrollers. Available with an on-chip CAN 2.0A and 2.0B compliant controller named msCAN08.

68HC12. 16 bit micro with CAN controller. Uses the msCAN12 controller.

MC68376. 32 bit micro with TouCAN CAN controller.

MPC555. 32 bit PowerPC-based processor with two Full CAN 2.0B controllers using the TouCAN module.

MC33388. Fault tolerant CAN interface device for speeds up to 125K bps.

MC92S12DP256. 16 bit micro with five CAN and one J1850 on-chip modules.

DSP56F803, DSP56F805 and DSP56F807 - each with CAN 2.0A/B interface.

They keep changing their web site so all I can suggest is that you start your search for Motorola CAN info at https://www.motorola.com.

National Semiconductor

COP684BC, COP884BC. 8 bit microcontrollers with integrated Basic CAN controllers supporting 2.0A and 2.0B passive CAN.

COP87L84BC. Low-cost, One-Time Programmable (OTP) 8 bit microcontroller with CAN. Pin and software compatible with the COP884BC family.

COP888EB/COP889EB/COP688EB/COP689EB. 8 bit microcontrollers with CAN (2.0A and 2.0B), A/D and UART.

COP87L88RB. A One-Time Programmable version of the COP888. 32K OTP memory and CAN 2.0B, UART, SPI and Microwire interfaces.

MM57C360/MM57C362. Stand-alone Serial Link I/O (SLIO) devices which were only ever available as samples. It is understood that, as an alternative solution, Nat. Semi. offer the COP87L84BC 8 bit micro (see above) and freely available source code to implement SLIO functionality.


A range of 8, 16 and 32 bit devices using the MINICAN, DCAN and FCAN implementations.

Based on the V850 32 bit Risc processor - 3 devices with on-chip CAN. uPD70F3079Y and uPD703079Y have 2 channel full CAN, uPD703078Y has single channel CAN.

VANSTORM. 32 bit RISC micro with two VAN and one Full CAN interface capability.

ATOMIC. V850 based micro with three full CAN interfaces.

CARGATE. A V850 based gateway device with five full CAN interfaces.

See also AVALON and PHOENIX chips and ask about V850/SFI


Working on an ARM-based micro with CAN and Ethernet interfaces.


ML66516 / ML66517. Micros with CAN.

MSM9225. 1Mbps Full CAN 2.0B controller.

MSM66565. 16 bit micro with CAN 2.0B.

ML670100. 32 bit micro with CAN. Based on the ARM7 kernel.


PCA82C200. A Basic CAN controller supporting Standard CAN (V2.0A). 28 pin packaging. Now superseded by the SJA1000.

SJA1000. A pin-for-pin, software-compatible replacement for the 82C200 which also supports Extended CAN (V2.0B) using a selectable mode of operation known as PeliCAN.

P80CE598 (ROM less version), P83CE598 (ROM version), P87CE598 (EPROM/One Time Programming version). Single chip, 8 bit microcontrollers (80C51) with on chip 82C200 CAN controller.

P80C592(ROMless), P83C592(16k X 8 ROM), P87C592(16k X 8 EPROM/OTP). Single chip 8 bit microcontroller (8XC552) with on-chip CAN controller (82C200) in 68 pin package.

NOTE: Some doubt about the continued long-term availability of the 592/598 devices. Check availability before designing in.

PCA82C250. The 'de-facto' standard CAN interface chip. An ISO11898 compliant physical layer interface between a CAN controller and the two wire bus. 8 pin package.

PCA82C251. Version of the 82C251 for use in bus and truck applications. Will tolerate plus/minus 36 volts on either bus pin.

PCA82C252. CAN transceiver for data rates of up to 125 K bps. Highly fault tolerant. Even deals automatically with shorts between CAN_H and CAN_L by switching to single-wire mode of operation.

P82C150. Serial Linked I/O device (SLIO) with CAN controller for V2.0A and V2.0B passive applications. 16 configurable digital or analog I/O port pins. 28 pin package. (NOTE: Some time ago Philips advised that the 82C150 SLIO was in "maintenance status" and recommended that it should not be used in new designs. The situation may have changed. Check with your distributor.)

TJA1053. Transceiver. Pin compatible with the 82C252.

TJA1054 Fault tolerant transceiver for lower speed (125Kbps) applications.

P8xC591. 8 bit micro (80C51) with CAN controller (enhanced SJA1000).

TJA1050 - High speed CAN transceiver

XA-C3. A 16 bit micro with CAN 2.0B controller with PeliCAN.

AU5790D. Single wire CAN transceiver for automotive applications.


The main entry point to the Philips web site is at https://www.nxp.com/ .

ST Microelectronics

ST10C167. 16 bit micro, 4K RAM, 32K ROM, single on-chip CAN 2.0B

ST10R167. ROMless version of ST10C167

ST10F168. 16 bit micro, 8K RAM, 256K Flash, single on chip CAN 2.0B. Compatible with Infineon C167C.

ST10F269. 16 bit micro, 12K RAM, 256K Flash, dual CAN 2.0B

L9942. Advertised as a "Super Smart Motor Bridge Driver". 8 bit ST6 microcontroller, 128 bytes RAM, 4K bytes ROM, high current motor bridge, voltage regulator, CAN 2.0A controller and bus interface in a 36 pin package.

ST72511/512/531/532. Family of 8 bit microcontrollers with CAN.

The ST web site is at www.st.com

Texas Instruments

SN75LBC031. 500kbps CAN transceiver

SN65HVD251. CAN transceiver

UC5350. CAN transceiver

SN65HVD230 / 231 / 232. 1 Mbps, 3.3V CAN transceivers

TMS320F243/241, TMS320LF2407 / LF2406, TMS320LF2407A / LF2406A / LF2403A / LC2406A. DSPs with an on-chip CAN controller (The "F" indicates a flash part, "C" indicates a ROM part)

In development - TMS320F2812 / F2810 DSPs with CAN

See the TI web site at https://www.ti.com/ for details.


TMP95CS54F (mask version), TMP95PS54F (OTP version) and TMP95FW54F (Flash version). 16 bit micros each with a Full CAN 2.0B controller.

TMP92CW53F. 32 bit CISC with on-chip CAN.

TMP95CU54AF (mask version) and TMP95CW54AF. 16 bit micros with an on-chip CAN controller.

TMPR39E42FZF. 32 bit micro with two CAN modules.

TMP91CM80F. 16 bit micro with on-chip CAN.

Entry to the Toshiba web site is https://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/eu/top.html.


UC5350. 1 Mbps CAN transceiver.