Remote Tachograph Download

FMS OEM CHIP V7 and products based on it (CAR2COM V7, CAR2BT V7) are equipped with a function for remote download of digital tachographs and driver cards via the CAN bus. Only the company card authorization is required for the actual download. Subsequently, the FMS OEM CHIP manages the download completely and stores the data in a FLASH memory. From there, the data can be downloaded later using an external telematics unit. The new DTCO 4.0 tachographs are also supported. More information can be found in the documentation for these products here.

We also provide a tool for converting tachograph files to XML format (DDD2XML), which allows you to easily integrate the display of data in a web portal.


In order to simplify the implementation of the remote download function for your system, CANLAB supplies the following components:

  • Authorization client of a company card
  • DDD2XML library for reading data from ddd tachograph files
  • DDD2HTML library for visualization of ddd tachograph files data

Client only implements:

  • Forwarding of authorization packets between CAR2COM V7 / FMS OEM CHIP V7 and authorization client
  • Saving the ddd files downloaded to CAR2COM to the server

For the development of entire systems for downloading data from tachographs, we also offer the possibility of remote access to the tachograph with CAR2COM and the authorization unit at our company.