It is an application for converting DDD (digital tachograph) files to XML, JSON (ddd2xml) or html (ddd2html) format. The application supports inputs from:

  • Driver Card, Workshop Card and VU tachograph files (old and Generation 2, eg VDO 4.0)
  • GPS is also supported for Generation 2
  • TGD file support (Spain)
  • HTML output is generated using a custom XSTL template

We offer either source code (C ++) or binary executable. We compile the binary file directly for your platform that runs on your server (windows, linux, bsd, etc.)

Price list:
Binary executable:

  • binary + 1-year support, 290 euro
  • support extension (eg recompiling to a new system version, bug fixes, etc.), 90 euro

Source codes:

  • source code in C++ + 1-year support, 900 euro
  • support extension, 190 euro


  • there is no limit on the number of deployments (servers) within a customer
  • any resale to third parties is not permitted