2nd international CAN Conference 1995


Plenary Session

Session 1: CAN Silicon and Physical Layers 1
Chairman: G. Hausmann (National Semiconductor)

Session 2: CAN Application Layer (CAL)
Chairman: Dr. O. Schnelle (MTU Friedrichshafen)

Session 3: CAN Silicon and Physical Layer 2
Chairman: Dr. K.-Th. Neumann (Motorola Semiconductor)

Session 4: Smart Distributed System
Chairman: Prof. Dr. W. Lawrenz (Fachhochschule BS/WF)

Session 5: CAN in Vehicle Application
Chairman: T. Moon (AB Automotive Electronics)

Session 6: DeviceNet
Chairman: L.-B. Fredriksson (Kvaser AB)

Session 7: Real-Time Control 1
Chairman: Prof. Dr. U. Kiencke (University of Karlsruhe)

Session 8: Other Higher Layer Protocols
Chairman: Prof. Dr. K. Etschberger (STZP)

Session 9: Real-Time Control 2
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Chr. Reuss (University of Dresden)

Session 10: CAN Application 1
Chairman: R. T. McLaughlin (University of Warwick)

Session 11: Tools and Software
Chairman: P. Dierauer (Honeywell)

Session 12: CAN Applications 2
Chairman: W. Wielebski (Allen-Bradley)